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Salida Travel Pouch and Premium Leather Cable Organizer

Salida Travel Pouch and Premium Leather Cable Organizer

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The TORONATA Salida is a well-constructed leather cable organizer that will simplify your travel requirements by organizing your chargers, tiny accessories, and cords. This useful cable wrap is made of high-quality leather and has a sleek, fashionable shape that fits neatly into any purse or bag. Its strap can be adjusted to fit different cable diameters, making it versatile and guaranteeing a neat and untangled experience.

The Salida, which is tiny and collapsible, is made with practicality in mind and provides a nice way to arrange chargers, cables, and other items. A must-have accessory for people who are constantly on the go and need effective cable management and accessory storage, this rollable organizer features loops designed to secure your wires and a compartment that can hold essentials such as phones, passports, power banks, and wallets. It is lightweight and portable.


  • Include a useful and foldable case for earbuds, chargers, and wires.
  • Useful design, featuring loops and compartments for different accessories
  • Rollable, lightweight, portable, and compact organizer
  • superior craftsmanship made of natural leather
  • strap that can be adjusted for different cable diameters
  • 13.4 x 7.7 inches
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