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Organic Coffee Grounds Phone Case

Organic Coffee Grounds Phone Case

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Wake up your senses with the world's first sustainable, organic smartphone case made from hand-picked and pressed coffee beans. This eco-friendly case brings the invigorating aroma and unique texture of freshly brewed coffee to your fingertips, energizing you throughout the day.

Crafted from organic, sustainably harvested Coffee Arabica beans, each case offers a distinctive texture and a potent, all-natural coffee scent that lasts up to 2-4 months. The non-toxic, sugar-based resin coating allows the coffee to breathe while protecting it from damage.

Key Features:

  • All-natural, sustainably harvested organic coffee 🌿☕
  • Unique texture and invigorating natural coffee aroma
  • Allergen-free and coated with non-toxic, sugar-based resin 😊
  • Water-resistant for all-weather use 💧
  • Ultra-slim, lightweight, and drop-tested for durability
  • Wireless charging and MagSafe compatible
  • Made in Europe with recyclable PU case ♻️🌍

Experience the perfect blend of sustainability, style, and sensory delight with our Organic Coffee Phone Case, your eco-friendly companion for everyday life.

Shipping Details: These eco-cases are shipped from our German hub, so if you're ordering from the USA, please keep in mind that they have a long way to travel. Most orders arrive within 8 days, but please allow up to 12.

  • Germany: 1-3 Days
  • USA: 8-12 Days
  • Rest of The World: 8-14 Days
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